28-Day Writing Challenge – Day 18: Editing Chart

Hello everyone. This is day 18 of the 28-day writing challenge.

Day 18 vlog.

Editing Chart

Today I set up an editing chart. It basically contains four columns. In the first column are numbers one through 33, then 34 through 66, and so forth in groups of 33 pages. (See video for visual) So, day one day two, and day three.

Time for some edits
Time to do some editing.

For each of those days, it’s more than one chapter so. It’s actually the book divided into six sections. So, I spend three days editing each one of the sections.

Adding Humor

Part of what I did today was look up some jokes and humor about marriage that I might want to insert in the book. Part of the reason that I do the jokes and humor is, when I do speaking engagements, I throw in jokes and humor about every five minutes or so, mainly to keep the men interested in what I’m talking about.

So today I set up the chart and I have edited day one of pages one through 33. Then tomorrow, I will edit day one of pages 34 through 66, but I’ll also do day two of pages one through 33.

That’s how the editing chart is set up. I hope you’re doing well with your book. Until next time, remember, YOU CAN WRITE A BOOK!

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