Tokyo Street


Welcome everyone to another session of a day in the life. their life. Today I am in Tokyo.


I’m on the return route of walking my grandson Kelton to school. I’m actually about halfway back.

Tokyo Subway
Tokyo Subway

In a bit, I’m going to cross over where the subway tracks are. Behind me, you can see different areas. There is a Century 21 office and a shop on the corner in one direction.

In the other direction there in the distance you can see a train station-actually two train stations-that are close to Rusty and Brenda’s house. Right now, it’s open top right.

In this other spot, there is a nice little landscaped area in the middle of where the cars go and turn around from the train station.

Coming behind me is a trash truck just to the left.

On the streets, you have cars and bicycles and people walking. They all just kind of coexist. The streets are very narrow.

Now I’m coming up to where people have gotten off the train and are going to their destinations. The crowds seem to be thinning out a little bit but often there’s a great conglomeration of people in this area.

People in Tokyo
People in Tokyo

So anyway, this is a life in the day here in Tokyo.

These Walking with Randy episodes are usually talking about writing, speaking coaching, marketing and marriage.

I want you to always remember, though, that YOU CAN WRITE A BOOK!

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The first is “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death.”

These books are all available on Amazon right now!
These books are all available on Amazon right now!

The other two are “21 Ways the Principle of Leaving Will Benefit Your Marriage” and “From Mountains to Molehills.”

I hope you have a great day, and I will talk to you later.

We’re in Japan!

Hello everyone! Welcome to walking with Randy here in Japan.


I’m currently in the backyard of Rusty and Brenda’s place and just walking around here a little bit.

The video shows Rusty and Brenda’s backyard. They have a little garden and a lemon tree.

They were very smart and they put down astroturf so they don’t have any grass to mow.

Right next to them is a bicycle park. There is a parking lot in the other direction. So that means that on those two sides there are not any houses right next to them.

There’s a fence next to their house and then around a corner is a little walkway up to their front door.

In the distance, you can see a street. (I wasn’t able to walk too far from their house and still be connected to the Internet.)

View from the front of Rusty and Brenda's place.
View from the front of Rusty and Brenda’s place.

Just up the street, you can see a green sign that says let Lawson Store 100 That is a convenience store that is very convenient for them.

I hope you all are doing well.

It’s kind of an overcast day here. We’ve been enjoying ourselves.

Last Sunday. I preached at a church here and Rusty interpreted. Two days before that Brenda has some classes that she calls Mommy and Me classes. It is moms and some children.

We got to spend some time with some of the children in Japan.
We got to spend some time with some of the children in Japan.

Between the two days, I think we had about 20 children.

They had a fall party ~ not a Halloween party.

The pumpkin was a good visual aid.
The pumpkin was a good visual aid.

During the party, Rusty and I did a devotional that involved carving a pumpkin. We talked about how when you open the head, your brain is inside and that’s where you feel and we talked about how the pumpkin represents the head and face.

The face represents the entire person.

Then we talked about when you’re looking inside the entire person, you see their heart, which is where you feel. So with a head, we think and know and with a heart, we feel.

Then we took the insides of the pumpkin out and it gave us the chance to talk about sin and how our lives need to be cleaned from sin and a few other analogies there.

This class is an English class. On the first day, none of them were believers; they came for the English class. Brenda said that it was really good that we were able to give a clear presentation of the Gospel on that day.

Then the next day there were a couple of people there that were also a part of the church.

But, we’re enjoying our time over here. and traveling around here in Tokyo.

I do want to remind you that YOU CAN WRITE A BOOK!

Tips for getting started.
Tips for getting started.

If you’re interested in finding out more about that, my book “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death” is available right now on Amazon. I’ve got two books on marriage there as well. They are “21 Ways the Principle of Leaving Will Benefit Your Marriage” and “From Mountains to Molehills.”

To keep up with our time in Japan or for information on writing marriage, faith, or coaching, just go to Randy’s Blogs and find the tab you need at the top.

Until next time, I hope you have a great day!

International Speaker

Hello everyone! Welcome to another session of walking with Randy, or in this case, it’s riding with Randy.


Rhonda and I are just getting ready for our trip to Japan. Tomorrow we have to go and get the required COVID test before we get on the plane for the stretch of the trip that goes to Tokyo. We will be well within the 72-hour limit for that. We’re excited about that.

I can add "International Speaker" to my resume now.
I can add “International Speaker” to my resume now.

So whenever I talked to my daughter-in-law last, she said something about looking forward to us coming. She said, “Be ready to preach, something else, or die.”

I responded to that and said, “Well, I hope it’s the first two but we will be ready for all three.”

So anyway, I’m excited that we’re getting ready to go to Japan.

I will have opportunities to speak over there and give our grandchildren some time with their grandparents and give our children some time for some well-deserved r&r on the mission field. I’ll also be able to minister and speak to the Japanese people with an interpreter.

The nice thing about needing an interpreter is my son is far enough along in his Japanese language skills that he should be able to do that without any problem.

I’m excited to be coming to you as an international speaker. I could already say that because I’ve spoken in Mexico, Australia and Japan before

You can write a book!
You can write a book!

As a final thought, if you would like to know about writing a book, or more about speaking or coaching, just check out the other categories here on Randy’s Blogs.

Also, there are some books on Amazon that can be very helpful to you.

The first is “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death.”

Marriage help
Marriage help

The other two are about marriage. The first is “21 Ways the Principle of Leaving Will Benefit Your Marriage.” The second one is “From Mountains to Molehills.”

I encourage you to take a look at one or all three of those books.

All right. Until next time for walking with Randy, I want to remind you that YOU CAN WRITE A BOOK!

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you later.

Trip to Japan

Trip to Japan

Good morning everyone. Welcome to another blog post on These videos are often called “Walking with Randy” and I talk about writing, speaking, coaching, marketing, and marriage.


Today, I’m going to add this to the feature page that talks about a life in the day. Sometimes you hear about a day in the life.

Why Japan?

Many of you know that we have been trying to make arrangements to get to Japan to see our son, Rusty, daughter-in-law, Brenda, and grandchildren, Grace, Catherine, and Kelton. They are missionaries over there.

Missionaries to Japan
Missionaries to Japan

We try to get over to see them in the middle of each of their four-year term. We tried to go in September of 2021. We ordered tickets and scheduled our flight. Then we had to keep extending the date until they ran out in February of this year.

Fortunately, the third-party company that got us the tickets went to bat for us and they got us a refund on everything except for some of the fees.

We heard just within the last two weeks, that Japan was opening up for tourists so we are going over there on a tourist visa that lasts for 90 days. That’s how we’ve done in the past, even though we will be doing ministry while we’re there.

One of the ministries that we do is babysitting and providing r&r for the missionaries.

We also join them in some of their ministry activities. Most times that we’ve been over there in the past, I had the opportunity to speak several times and I suspect I will get to do that again.

So Rhonda and I are excited about being able to go. This is what’s going on in our lives and it’s a “life in a day” post for the blog.


You could have it done before I even get home!
You could have it done before I even get home!

On another note, if you are interested in a book on writing, you can go to Amazon and look for my book “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death.” It’s available in digital and print forms.

Just think, you can get the book and have a rough draft of your very own book done before I get back to the United States!


My 2 books (so far) on marriage
My 2 books (so far) on marriage.

There are two books I’ve written on marriage available on Amazon as well. The first one is “21 Ways the Principle of Leaving Will Benefit Your Marriage.”

The second one is “From Mountains to Molehills: Overcoming and Celebrating Your Differences in Marriage.”

One of the examples in that book has to do with how men and women think differently. Sometimes the wife will wonder “What he’s thinking?” and may ask him. He may say, “I’m hungry.”

Then she may go through the process of thinking, “What does he mean? ‘I’m hungry.'”

Here’s what it usually means: He’s hungry.

Sometimes, though, the wife may say something, and, depending on her inflection and some of her reflections on the ideas of what’s being asked for.

It’s not that she’s being untruthful, but the husband may have to look for a deeper meaning to her words.

That’s just an example.

You might find those books helpful if you’re interested. Also, if you have some young couples that are getting married, these books can make good wedding gifts.

I’m glad you have joined me today. I look forward to talking with you again. And until the next time, I do post on writing. I would like for you to remember YOU CAN WRITE A BOOK!

WOW! “How to Write a Book” Took Off

It has been an amazing week. If you haven’t already heard, “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death”, my new book, hit the bestseller list on its release date of Monday, November 15, 2021. I am so excited for everyone to learn the secrets and tips that will help them on their journey to becoming writers.

I did an interview with Dave Farrow about the book. It’s just a little information about me and the book. You can watch it below. Dave is a memory expert, and as the interview progressed, we found that we had something in common in utilizing timed deadlines. He does it for focus, and I do it for fast writing to get in the flow for writing books. I recommend you check out his resources.

Some Recommendations

Throughout my various endeavors, I’ve met several people. I’m blessed to call many people friends. Below are a few of those friends talking just a little bit about the book.

The first is Tim Parton. Tim is the General Manager of 3ABN’s (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) Praise Him Music Network. He is in my own personal “Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame!”

Tim Parton

Next up is Ian Vandervalk and his wife, Angela. Ian and Angela also work for 3ABN in production.

Ian and Angela Vendervalk

Thank you, Tim, Ian, and Angela!

Another Deal

Last week’s Kindle release went so well, I decided to offer a similar deal on the paperback book. This week, beginning November 21, 2021, the paperback book will be half price. Instead of the regular $14.99, you can purchase it for only $7.49! How great is that? Just follow this link and order your copy today.

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Next Step

I'm so excited to see where your journey will take you.

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I’m so grateful for every one of you who bought it. My hope is that it will help guide you to fulfilling your dream of becoming a writer.

A Little Help from My Friends

Now, I have another favor to ask. If you purchased the book yesterday (or today, or at any time), it would be so helpful if you went to Amazon and wrote a review. The more reviews the book gets, the better. It will help keep the momentum going.

Again, thank you for helping “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death” reach the best-seller list on Amazon. If you haven’t gotten the book yet, you can find it here. It will download immediately to your eReader and you will be on your way!

Have a blessed day. Happy writing.

It’s Here!

The day that I’ve been anticipating for several months is finally here! My new book, “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death” is available for immediate download.

My granddaughter, Paisley.

I’m so excited to be able to help you start your dream of becoming a writer. You can do it! In my new book, I offer several helpful tips and strategies and include some personal experiences along the way.

It's time to celebrate!

If you’re seeing this on November 15, 2021, I have a special deal for you. The Kindle version is available for an incredibly good price. Just follow the link here, download, read it, and take the next step in your journey to becoming an author. Or, you can go to Amazon and search for Randy Carney, and see the new book, along with the other books I have published through the years.

As always, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Happy writing!

Persistence, Key Success Trait for Life and Business

Crash. Boom. Lightning strike! Was it going to rain on our . . .
(Well, not actually a parade)? Persistence, a key success trait for life and business, was going to figure prominently for us on that day.

The Trip

Last Thursday, I went to Holiday World with Chip, my son-in-law, and Ralanna, my second oldest daughter. They have four children (four of my Grandchildren!). Three of them went with us. The eight-, thirteen-, and sixteen-year olds would be able to navigate the park very well. Their youngest stayed with my wife, Rhonda, who doesn’t care anything about most of the rides anyway.

We started the trip in a storm. Then the rain progressively seemed to get less and less heavy. We, after a couple of hours, could see bright spots in the clouds as we got closer to Santa Claus, Indiana. Yes, that’s really the name of the town where Holiday World is located.

However, about ten miles before the exit off of the interstate, what many would call a “cloud burst” hit–The hardest rain yet!

Would we have to go back home?

The rain let up again, and by the time we got to the parking lot, it was just a little harder than a sprinkle.

The Decision

The bottom line–We went on in. We had plastic ponchos, and they served us very well.

The rain continued off and on. That was OK because after riding the old-fashioned cars, where even the youngest could drive, and the bumper cars, which were inside, we were in the water park the rest of the morning.

Right after we ate lunch, the loud speaker announced that weather with lightning was approaching and all rides would be shut down temporarily. So, for about 45 minutes we sought shelter in some areas with rooftops.

The storm ended, and we changed clothes and went to the other part of the park. Our ponchos came in handy again when we rode the Raging Rapids and the log ride, both of which usually drench us.

The Rewards

Several rewards and nice surprises came our way because we persisted through the storm: The crowd was much smaller than usual. The lines were shorter. We even rode the Raging Rapids three times in a row–which delighted Makenna, the youngest member of our party, very much. Because some of the larger rides were closed, we rediscovered many of the smaller and medium-sized rides. Again, the was a great benefit to Makenna. The weather was cooler than usual. Furthermore, since some of the major attractions shut down for two hours, we also found out that we get to use the same tickets for another trip with no additional charge!

What does this have to do with writing books, having online businesses and other entrepreneurial pursuits?

Realize the value of persistence. Many failed businesses have been estimated to have quit right before their moment of success. Many experts say if those businesses had just hung on a little longer, they would have made it.

So, persevere through the storm. Many unexpected benefits may come your way.

For you, success may be just around the corner and right after the current storm dies down.

Where are you in your business ideas? If you are thinking about writing a book, for instance, here is a great way to start.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

A Writing Solution from a Chainsaw

A writing solution from a chainsaw? Really?

Day before yesterday, I went out to use my chainsaw. I really like when I can start it back up several times during a work session.

I pulled on the starter rope six times. Then the saw uttered that familiar sound of actually starting and running for a second or two before it dies.

Then I gave it several more pulls, and it never offered to start again.

I tried putting the “on/off, run, and choke switch” in several position.

After that failure, I resorted to a YouTube search.

I found the problem. I had flooded the engine when I gave those extra pulls in the choke position.

The solution (and how I got it to work many other times, not knowing what I was doing)–When the saw offers to start the first time after a few pulls, immediately move the switch up one notch. Then it should start on the next pull.

They also showed a method for starting an already flooded engine, but it didn’t work that day.

Yesterday, I tried again. I pulled 5 or 6 times, and I heard what some call, “The Burp.” That’s when it runs for a second or two and then quits.

I moved the switch up one notch to the next position, and it started right away. I used it for several minutes until it died when I tried to let it idle.

Then, I couldn’t get it to start again.

So, I haven’t learned all the tricks, and there have been days in the past where I ran the saw for hours at a time.

Still, I know more than I did.

What is the writing solution? Like anything in life, keep learning and improving upon what you do know. You can do that by reading books, buying courses, investing in coaching, and, most of all, persistently and consistently working on your craft.

If you would like more detailed writing tips, click here.

Video for Blog Posts – The Covid Video Blessing

Watching Video on Computer
Watching Video on Computer

Forced into doing things we are not used to describes the year 2020 for most of us. Video for blog posts is something that some of us discovered as a transferable skill that resulted from us meeting a need during the pandemic.

Along with being a speaker, writer, and book-writing coach, I serve as a bi-vocational minister. Several of my friends in this same category got thrust into some new experiences.

Many of us, as a precautionary measure, quit worshiping at our local churches for a while. That is when many of us started doing online services. I already had a YouTube channel and some experience producing my own videos. Others, though, learned how to do this for the first time.

The Background of the Transferable Skill of Using Video for Blog Posts

I had some experience with Facebook Live, but, as often happens, I had to learn the process all over again in order to record some of our messages. For a while, that was simply done in my home office, but when we decided to return to our church, we continued broadcasting live through Facebook.

Apart from that, I have a wonderful assistant who helps me carry out many tasks that can be time consuming. So, after I learned how to transfer the FB Live videos to YouTube, I trained her in that process too.

We edit the live recording to shorten it somewhat, and to remove any copyright claims for the wider YouTube audiences.

I know I can include the YouTube videos here on this blog, but I wondered if a link could go directly to the Facebook Live video from over a week ago too.

Trying the Temporary Links for Using Video for Blog Posts

So, here goes the experiment.

First, we will include the YouTube video. Some like for me to have these replays up anyway.

Here is the video from a week or two ago:

Here is a listing of that same link:

Now, here is the attempt to go to the original Facebook Live version:

And, again, here is that link:

I guess one way to check this is to publish it temporarily, and then come back and finish editing the bog post.

Since I am writing in real time, let me just say, “I will be back in a minute.” 🙂

I left and published temporarily and both of the links worked. So, you can use Facebook Live videos as well as YouTube links. (I will have to keep checking back to see how long the Facebook video links will work.)

Using Facebook Live to Produce Video for Blog Posts

How To Use Facebook Live To Get More Traffic To Your Website could be an alternate heading for this section.

Facebook Live is a quick and easy way to produce a video for a blog post that assists Internet marketers to get more traffic to their websites.

The bottom line here is that this is a quick way to produce a video for your blog post. Doing this gives you an almost unfair advantage. You will get more traffic to your website over other Internet marketers by inserting videos into your blog posts.

All Internet marketers should check out this tool because using it is a very quick way to produce videos. Once the video processes where it comes up when you open up Facebook, all you have to do is copy the url and use it as a link to a picture in your blog pos

Here’s why Facebook Live is so important…

You can start on an article, cut away to do a video, and then come right back.

How can you get started with video very quickly?

  • Go to your Facebook page
  • Click on the “Live Video” link
  • Your camera will come on and you will see yourself in the lower right corner
  • About half-way down on the left side of the page, you will see the word, “post”
  • You can go down two items below that and click on the down arrow to choose to share to your timeline, to a page you manage, or to a group
  • I would recommend putting in a title, but it is optional
  • Then put in a short description
  • When you are ready, click on “Go Live.”
  • After your presentation, click on “finish,” and then choose where you want to share the video on Facebook.
  • Wait a while for the video to show up on Facebook where you shared it
  • Start the video, and copy the url from the top of the page
  • Then you can place that link in your blog post

And the great news is, this incredible tool costs nothing at present.

You can check out this quick way to produce a video for a blog post by going to your own Facebook page.

If you would like more tips on writing, click here.