Learning Through Trial and Error – Upwards Basketball and Success

Learning through trial and error is important when entering any new venture.

Today, my wife and I went to see an “Upwards Basketball” game. Our grandson, Jameson, has played for a few years.

Learning Through Trial and Error
Our Star, Jameson

You might say that their team, Kindergarten through first or second grade, I think it its, is a “peewee” team. They have varying levels of abilities, but this experience is especially designed for them to have positive experiences while learning the game.

At this level, there is a lot of stopping and picking up the basketball while they are supposed to be dribbling.

When the possession changes, the coaches constantly just tell the teams which direction to go.

They learn to keep their hands up on defense, but they are encouraged not to steal the ball unless it just falls into their possession.

They also are encouraged to shoot when they have the ball. They try to get each one to have a shot at the basket. When a basket is made, there is a lot of cheering from the fans, regardless of whether it is made by their child’s team.

So it is with business sometimes. When you are trying to learn the skills for a new business, sometimes you may feel like some of those players. Sometimes they don’t even know which direction to go. Sometimes they make mistakes, or should I say, lots of times they make mistakes. The coaches keep the action going. They see the value of keeping on until their skills improve.

My daughter tells me that the teams that are much older, look a whole lot more like the competitive basketball we might be used to watching. Still, sportsmanship and positivity is emphasized. I think it is a great program.

In our online businesses, our speaking experiences, and our writing projects, we cannot stress enough the value of continuing.

When you make mistakes, and you often will in those early days, learn from them and go on.

If you don’t know which direction to go, learn from more experienced people, if you can. If that opportunity is not there, sometimes you just have to make a decision and go with it.

Then, keep taking your best shots. Eventually, more of them go through the hoop. In business, eventually you will approach and obtain success. Actually Jameson made several of his shots today.

Learning through trial and error is important in both basketball and business.

It seems like I am on a basketball kick right now. Who knows what a life in the day may bring next?

How have you benefitted from trial and error in your business experiences? Who has been a good coach for you? When has someone with a positive attitude encouraged you to keep going?

A very positive business community can encourage you in your journey to success. One of them is mentioned at the end of this other basketball article.

I would like to hear from you. If you have any questions, please ask them or give your own experiences in the comments below.

Until next time,


6 Replies to “Learning Through Trial and Error – Upwards Basketball and Success”

  1. In life something that would never end is learning and it’s not particularly for one age type it’s for everyone….thanks for sharing this vital set of information. It is good to be able to get encouragement here in the Wealthy Affiliate Community. Trial and error works, if we let it.

    1. Thank you, very much. Thank you also for the information you share. We all gain through experience, whether it be through creating posts or making comments.

  2. Hi Randy, excellent post.  Your analogy of children’s basketball and starting a business are spot on.  No matter how old you are, we all benefit from coaching and mentoring in a safe and supportive environment before moving onto the big leagues.  I’m a big believer in how you manage failure will determine how successful you are.  By experimenting and “giving it a go”, you can hone your skillsets and improve your resilience for a rapidly-changing world, not matter what you are in to.

  3. Triall and error is so important as it proves you learn by experience and doing. I have learned in all areas of my life by applying what I have studied in real life situations.

    This includes sports, business, and personal relationships. Actually basketball was one of my favorite sports in high school and college, as well as pick up games through the years. 

    Trial and error has served me very well and it is somethings that I have done my best to instill into kids with whom I have worked with in the counseling area and mental health. Thanks so much for bringing this vital subject to our attention. All the Best.

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