Satisfying Adjustments by Reordering Your Priorities

Hello, everyone. Welcome. Again today I’m talking about marriage. In particular, today’s post is about reordering your priorities.

I have been talking about the general topic of the importance of meeting each other’s needs in marriage.

Now we’ve come to the fourth step of that process, so I’m talking about satisfying adjustments by reordering your priorities.


What does that mean?

Well, you’ve come to the point where you realize that you needed to make some changes and hopefully you and your spouse have taken those steps as described in previous posts.

So now I’m going to tell you how to get more satisfaction and feel like you’re making progress in your marriage. The way to do that is by making adjustments to balance your time and focus and reordering your priorities.

You Discovered the Need for Change

In order to do that, we need to reorder our priorities. You discovered the need for change when you went through the process of listing and ranking your 10 or 11 (depending on if you added a category to the premade list) by ranking your list of felt needs according to the order of importance to you and then your spouse did the same. You most likely discovered something when you discussed those lists.

What comes next?
What comes next?

That’s when you discovered the need for change.
You reviewed your lists.
You discussed your lists.

Those interactions helped you to understand where your spouse was coming from. It gave you recognition of the need for change if you had not previously been doing as good a job as you needed to in meeting your spouse’s needs.

You Have to Commit to Change

But more than just recognizing the need for change, you also have to commit to change.

Don't forget
Don’t forget.

There’s a scripture verse that talks about a man who looked in the mirror and then walked away, forgetting what he looked like. (James 1:23) When he was looking in the mirror, he saw what he looked like, but after he walked away, he forgot. But the mirror actually accurately reflected what he looked like.

A more general application of that is not focusing upon physical appearance, but focusing on recognizing what manner of person you are when it comes to meeting each other’s needs in marriage.

You have discovered where you may have fallen short in certain areas and now you’re going to commit to making a change in those areas.

So you have to commit to change. Otherwise, things will just go on like they have always gone on. Your commitment will make a difference in that area.

Clarify By Writing Your Priorities and Plans

Then you can clarify things in your mind by writing down your priorities and plans. Statistics from business coaches tell us that people in business are so much more likely to accomplish their goals when they write them down.

Reordering your priorities is important
Reordering your priorities is important

Also when you go through the process of writing down your list of priorities, your mind is at work. Since you will be inserting a new priority, you’re going to have to figure out where it goes now.

Many Christians have their general priorities set up this way and I think it is in the correct order: Our first priority is our relationship with God. close behind that is our relationship with our spouse. Thirdly would be the relationship with our children and then finally, it would come into our own lives and our business dealings and our entrepreneurial pursuits.

Reordering when Necessary

You may have already had that order of priorities. More than likely, however, if you are working on daily goals, you’ll see the need for reordering your list of priorities. Your family may even be excluded from your current list. So here’s your opportunity to change by making an adjustment to focus on doing a better job of meeting the needs of your husband or wife. That will involve reordering your priorities.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you’d like more tips like this just click here. It will take you to the main page containing all the marriage blogs, including the ones in this series.

My first two books on marriage.
My first two books on marriage.

Also, I have two books on marriage that are currently available on Amazon. The first is called “21 Ways the Principle of Leaving Will Benefit Your Marriage” and the second is “From Mountains to Molehills.” I encourage you to check those out.

There are two more in the works and these recent posts on marriage are going t make up another one.

On another note, aside from the books on marriage, there’s also one on writing a book if you are interested in that. It’s called “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death.

I hope that the Lord blesses you as you decide to work on reordering your priorities. Until next time, I’m Randy Carney wishing you the best in your marriage.

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