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Breaking News

Dr. Randy Carney has been in different types of ministry throughout his career. Today I’m going to tell you about a new and exciting journey that Dr. Carney and his wife have begun.


JCity Church is a small but vibrant Free Will Baptist Church in the town of Johnston City, Illinois. They are very active in the community.

Dr. Carney's new ministry: JCity Church, Johnston City, Illinois
Dr. Carney’s new ministry: JCity Church, Johnston City, Illinois

For 21 months, the church searched for a new pastor. Finding a pastor who can step in and work with the current ministries and members can be a daunting task.

That’s where Dr. Carney comes in. The church invited him to preach at a couple of services and spend some time with the congregation.

Randy and Rhonda Carney at their 50th-anniversary party.
Randy and Rhonda Carney at their 50th-anniversary party.

After a few weeks of sitting under his preaching, the members held a meeting and voted to call Dr. Carney to be their new lead pastor.

Dr. and Mrs. Carney had been in ministry at Ezra Church in West Frankfort, Illinois for around 4 years, and were sad to say goodbye to friends they had made there.

However, after much prayer, they knew that God was calling them to this new ministry at JCity Church.

Dr. Carney jumped right in with both feet, preaching, leading the congregation, and learning about how the church interacts with the local people.

The church provides a community meal each week
The church provides a community meal each week.

The church provides a community meal once a week, joins the ministerial alliance for gospel music “sings” on fifth Sundays, has provided refuge as a storm shelter (Illinois is in “tornado alley”), feeds school children during the summer months, has provided a community Thanksgiving meal, and many other amazing outreach activities.

Dr. Carney’s experience, education, and knowledge will be a valuable asset to the church and community at large. He’s been raised in church and has been in ministry for over 50 years. For much of that time, he was a lead pastor or associate pastor.

He has also worked in education, having started a Christian school as well as written a curriculum for schools.

The love and compassion that JCity church shows fit right in with Dr. and Mrs. Carney’s views, beliefs, and actions.

In the future, Dr. Carney would like to start a class called “Discipleship Explosion” at the church.

He has pioneered many new ministries in former churches.

Preaching at JCity Church
Preaching at JCity Church

Dr. Carney is a great listener, and he likes to encourage people to embrace their passion and discover God’s purpose for their lives.

The Carneys are a great fit for this church’s ministry and we all look forward to the great things that they will accomplish together for the Kingdom of God!

For more information, or to attend a service online or in person, you can visit the church’s Facebook page or their website at

Dr. Randy Carney is available to speak at your event. He is knowledgeable about a vast array of topics. You can request him to speak on his website, as well as learn more about him.

Have a blessed day!

~Katrina L. Richmond
Assistant to Dr. Carney

A Life in the Day

Happy New Year!

The Life of Riley … or, Could it be Randy?

I know. I know. You’re thinking the title is a misprint. It should be “A Day in the LIfe.” Well, that phrase has already been used.

When you think about it, though, time is where our life occurs.

This section will be the blog-like journal for my life. It shows the regular goings on and then I will attempt to show how those happenings relate to my business life too.

As most of you know, my life revolves around writing, speaking, coaching, and bi-vocational ministry. Above all of that in the world of priorities is my family, and, even above that, my relationship with God.

Some of you may be old enough to remember the old sitcom that was titled The Life of Riley, starring Wiliam Bendix. The opening of the show, had a cartoon-like drawing of Riley in his hammock. Maybe I should have a picture of me in my hammock. I do have one.

We live on a farm, and I affectionately call it “The Carney Rezoit.” When people visit, they sometimes comment on how quiet and peaceful it seems. We do have a three-acre pond not far from our front door. My Mom said it was just large enough to be called a lake. The fishermen usually say, “It wouldn’t do for me to live here. I would be out there all the time.” I usually just smile, but inwardly I suspect they would be just like I am. It doesn’t seem like there is time to ‘be out there all the time.’ At least we do get to look at it every time we go out the front door.

Some of you may come to this website because you are interested in writing a book. That is something I can help you with. Others of you may be here because you are interested in speaking and making money in that regard. I can help with that too. Some of you may want to be life coaches or success coaches. I can also point you in that direction. Others of you have indicated interest in having sparkling  marriages. You will find links to resources for that too. Some of you may interested in keeping up with me in general. This is the place where that info will be found.

I am retired, sort of. Hence “The Life of Riley/Randy” reference. Really, I think retirement should just be a synonym for the next stage of ministry in a person’s life. People ask me how I stay busy. I don’t know how I had time to go to work before. I fill in for churches quite a bit, and I am serving as an interim pastor right now.

I just finished the rough draft for a new book that is a collaborative work, which has been a new experience. The three authors are quite busy, and it has been very difficult to coordinate. However, we are pushing toward getting that project finished in just a few months. The other two authors are co-hosts of a popular TV program, and that keeps them hopping.

Since I mentioned marriage above, one of the things that keeps me busy is writing about marriage and pointing others to good resources.

Check out my latest Review of “The Magic of Making up.”

See ya’ later,