Do you know how many people would like to write a  book? Are you a person who needs a second job that would allow you to work from home and eventually replace that first job? Writing, speaking, and coaching skills will enable you to do just that.

Do you know that many bivocational ministers work 60 to 70 hours a week? What does that do their family life? What kinds of struggles do they face for them to be the kinds of examples to others they know they should be?

Further, do you Know that many ministers have given and given over their lifetime, and when it comes to retirement, they have little to show for the lifetime of labor?

Do you know others in similar professions who could benefit from starting their own businesses–either to supplement their present incomes or to play “Catch-Up” in their retirement years?

This is what Dr. Randy Carney does. He helps people to improve their lives and their own finances, while at the same time, making a difference in the lives of others.

Collegiate Consulting Service (CCS) focuses on Randy’s speaking, writing, and coaching enterprises.

CCS started by helping students, young and old, complete their college degrees by alternative means, while not having to leave their present ministries or job situations.

Today it has evolved into helping others write their own books, develop speaking businesses, and get involved in providing life or success coaching for others. These three skills, writing, speaking, and life coaching, are skills that are already possessed by ministers, and they can be developed by others in many varied fields.

Randy helps his clients to discover which options they should focus on first–whether it be writing, speaking, or coaching. Then he presents the plan to scale all three to a great part-time business which can easily rise to the level of full-time incomes. (With the exception of non-retirement-aged bivocational ministers who wish to keep their primary ministry or church, they will often replace their “day jobs.” See the definition of the “new bivocational pastor” by clicking here.)

The new bivocational pastor will wish to replace his marketplace job with something that provides more flexiblity where he can be free to focus on his primary ministry. The non-minister will also often want to replace his or her marketplace job with something that will provide more flexibility in life as well.

This blog will feature Dr. Carney’s books, his speaking topics, and his coaching opportunities. But, more important than that, it will also feature information on how you can do the same.