A Good Use of Your Videos – A Neat Little RepurposingTrick

A good use of your videos can go a long way.

Hi, Everyone. A lot of what we do here on the WA blog is to update each other as to what is happening in our lives. Most of us are going through the training here and building external websites. I just wanted to mention some of the things I am learning with the use of my external webites.

Coming up with content ideas is challenging after you have been trying to create quite regularly for a few weeks.

I just want to share a neat little repurposing trick that makes it easier to meet that challenge.

Walking with Randy

Walking with Randy

One of the things I have started doing has been to create videos using Facebook Live. I kind of got into using the live option because there were a few weeks where we decided not to have church services in our building. I am a bi-vocational minister, and I experimented with putting the message online. Our musicians were able to do the same for the song service. That let us continue our worship services even when we shut down for a few Sundays. When we returned to having the live services, we continued putting the services online. That was quite a blessing for some of our members who are not able to get out and come to church.

I became comfortable with with using Facebook live. So, now we do the service live, and then I have my assistant transfer the videos to my YouTube channel.

My website features my business, Collegiate Consulting Service, which features my writing, speaking, coaching and marketing enterprises. My writing includes some books on marriage.

Currently, I am  creating a live video each day, focusing on the following topics:


Much of the marketing videos discuss Internet marketing, and that gives me a chance to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

I call the videos, “Walking with Randy.” I have been using a pedometer on my phone, and I have worked up to walking 10,000 steps each day.

Each day, I go for a walk with my smart phone, and hold it up to video my walk. I turn on Facebook Live and talk for a few minutes on the topics I mentioned above. For instance, this morning I talked about “How to Come Up with Great Content Ideas for your Book Chapters.” Since part of what I do is to provide coaching for aspiring authors, this fits in nicely with the content on my website.

Tomorrow,  I will give some writing tips during my “Walking with Randy” session. Then, as you can see, Wednesday will include some coaching tips. Thursday would regularly be about marriage, but I will probably skip it because that will be Thanksgiving day.

I encourage you to try something like that for creating content. Then you can make good use of your videos by taking that repurposed content beyond the initial recording.

Video Transcription

You can make good use of your videos by having them transcribed. The service I used last week to turn one of the videos into a blog post is called “otter.ai.” They have a free option that will allow you to have them transcribe up to 600 minutes per month.

I was pleasantly surprised as to how accurate the transcription was.

All the sentences were in one long paragraph, so I went through and hit the enter key after a few lines that were related enough roughly to resemble a paragraph.

Oral speech is different from written speech even though the modern recommendation is to write like you talk. Still, when we speak things out, we often correct ourselves on the fly. That means that you do have to edit the transition to smooth things out, remove some wordiness, and to go ahead and rewrite the sentences where you corrected yourself.

Edit and Add Headings

You can make good use of your videos by taking that transcribed content and turn it into a blog post.

I already mentioned editing the content. Some of the sentences weill be unrecognizable. You can either eliminate them orWhat Is a Cool Website Any Aspiring Entrepreneur Can Use replace them with some other wording that seems to fit.

If you can figure out good divisions, you can name those divisions. Then those names can become headings. You place those headings at the appropriate places in your edited transcript.

I then get the video link from YouTube and insert in my posts at my external website, RandysBlogs.com.

So, you repurpose the rough ideas from your videos into written content, and that is a good use of your time.

A Nice Little Bonus on This First One

The first blog post I made using this method was drived from a video titled, “What Is a Cool Website Any Aspiring Entrpreneur Can Use?” Can you guess what that website is? If you guessed, “Wealthy Affiliate,” you were right. I told why I like the WA program, and I shared several ways it could help any aspiring entrepreneur.

I put my WA affiliate link at the end of the article where I put the call to action statement to “Click Here.”

The nice little bonus was that I received an email notification that I had referred someone to WA and it was within a day or two of the blog post going live.


You can simplify your content creation by coming up with different emphases for each day of the week. Then you can speak about that topic using the Facebook Live video option. After that you can transfer you video to YouTube. Then you transcribe the video and edit it to create a blog post. You can even have your video put on the post. Then you can share the blog post back to Facebook, giving people there another chance to be exposed to your content again. Then you can share things on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other relevant places. This is a good use of your videos, and that is a neat little repurposing trick.


7 Replies to “A Good Use of Your Videos – A Neat Little RepurposingTrick”

  1. Hi Randy,

    Fantastic article. Thank you for sharing it!

    That’s an excellent idea to make videos and turn them into blogs. How do we do that? I mean, is the Otter do it automatically? I went right away on Otter and subscribed to their app, but I couldn’t try it because it needs permission from my computer. I still didn’t figure out how to give this permission, though:) My son will help me fix that:) 

    Does it work better than speech recognition? I am curious. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the difference between the Pro and the free version?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi, Daniella,

      I don’t have any experience with the pro version. One thing is that it would allow you to transcribe more videos each month.

      I have an assistant who helps me with this. I do the video, give her the title and headings I want used. Then she submits it to otter.ai. She uses the transcription and her own summaries of my thoughts. Then she puts in pictures and submits one of the pictures to Pinterest. I go back in and edit the rough draft of the blog post she has created. She, however, writes so well and captures my voice so well that my editing does not require a lot of time.

      It is something that is entirely doable on your own, and I have done that too.

      It works better than speech recognition in that you don’t have to dictate the punctuation marks as you speak. You can then speak more naturally. If you get used to speech recognition dictation, for something like Dragon Naturally Speaking, that is a time saving way to go also.

      I find it a lot easier just to do a live video, get it transcribed, and then edit that.

      Hope it goes well as you experiment with the process, Randy

  2. Oh wow, you have given me a few ideas.  What a great idea you have come up with!  I do live video on Facebook all the time, but it’s just of beaches and I don’t talk.  I have a beach travel website, and so when I am at a beach, I video it.  I had not thought about using it on YouTube.  What a great idea!  Thanks!

  3. What a brilliant idea Randy. I’m gradually feeling a little more confident about creating video and this was great timing to read your article about repurposing it to create a blog and more video. You are really making a great mark for your church and helping others to still tune in to your sermons during this covid time. I’m so pleased that you shared your thoughts as I wasn’t aware that you could video directly to Facebook. Thanks for your suggestions.

    1. Thank you so much, Lily. I am glad the ideas were helpful. I wish you well in your marketing journey.

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