Start Writing Fiction – 5 Reasons Why

I’m so glad you’ve joined me. Today, I’m talking about writing fiction: five reasons why. In the video below, I mention four reasons, but you’ll discover that there is a bonus reason at the end!

The First Reason Why You Should Start Writing Fiction Is That You Can Exercise Your Creativity

Well, one of the first reasons for writing fiction has to do with the fact that you can exercise your creativity. Now whenever you are doing nonfiction, of course you can exercise creativity somewhat. But you can do it even more whenever you’re doing fiction. So you can exercise your creativity.

Creativity is a cornerstone of fiction writing.

Sometimes in nonfiction, I recommend that you put in some fictional items to illustrate your point. Or you could possibly have made up examples of what you’re talking about. So, the first thing is that you can exercise your creativity.

The Second Reason Why You Should Start Writing Fiction Is That You Will Enjoy Your Writing

The second thing is that you can enjoy your writing even more. Now I have to confess I do enjoy nonfiction writing, but you can enjoy it even more whenever you are creating a story. It’s fun to create stories. You can create your stories, and, as I said, you can put some of those fiction examples in with your nonfiction writing. Then, you’ll have double enjoyment, especially if your nonfiction writing is something that you are passionate about. When you add your stories to your nonfiction, it’s even more enjoyable.

Fiction writing can be very enjoyable.

The Third Reason Why You Should Start Writing Fiction Is That You Can Start with Short Projects as Well as Long Ones

The third reason is that you don’t have to write “War and Peace” right out of the gate. You can write shorter versions of articles. There’s even a genre for that in fiction: The short story. It is a long-established genre of fiction writing. So you can you can do something shorter. You don’t have to be writing a very, very long novel, just out of the gate.

The Fourth Reason Why You Should Start Writing Fiction Is That You Write an Endless Number of Projects

Another reason to start writing fiction is that you have endless possibilities with it. Whenever you do a lot of writing in nonfiction areas, it will be an area where you may be branded in that particular area, or something that you know a whole lot about, so you end up writing all about that. However, eventually you reach the limits of your knowledge about what you have started talking about. You can break it down further and you can have different steps whenever you’re doing it, and sometimes you can explain things in a different way.

But whenever you’re writing fiction, the possibilities are endless. You can just write story after story. You can create new characters. You can have new settings. You can just write write, write write, write a lot of fiction!

The Fifth Reason Why You Should Start Writing Fiction Is That All You Need Is an Idea in Order to Start

Finally, the fifth reason to start writing fiction is that all you need to get started is an idea. Now, in your nonfiction writing, you have to actually know the particular steps to do something or you have to know the description of whatever it is that you’re talking about.

An idea is all it takes to get started on that fiction story.

But in fiction writing, all you have to have is an idea. Of course, if you are going to talk about how certain detectives work, or maybe how the police would work, you’re either going to have to read a lot and be really familiar with how things actually work, or you may have to do some research in those areas. But even at that, you can start your story and continue your research. Once the research is done, you can go in and edit.

So, those are some reasons to start writing fiction.
1. You can exercise your creativity.
2. You will enjoy writing even more.
3. You can start with short writing and short stories and you might even be able to sell some of those to magazines.
4. The possibilities are endless.
5. All you have to have to start is an idea.

Well, I hope this has been helpful to you. Until next time, I want to remind you that you can get more tips like these by going to Even better, you can follow the link to Amazon and get my newest book “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death.

Remember, you can write a book

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