Nonfiction Topics to Write About

Today we’re talking about nonfiction topics to write about. You can do a search for non-fiction topics to write about and you can come up with a lot of prompts that will help you.

I have come up with a few ideas that you may want to use. I’m going to give you a sentence and put a blank in the sentence that you would fill in.

Some examples could be, “Something most people don’t know about is _______. “
“You could be more _______ by _______.”

Another thing you can do, instead of saying by _______. You can say a specified period of time. For instance, “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less” or “Have a New Husband by Friday.” Those are some ideas for that.

Here’s another one: You can say, “You Can Be More Confident!” or “You Can Be More Assertive!.” You fill in the blank.

Perhaps you can try “You Can Be Less _______” or “You Can Be Less _______ by _______” or “You Could Be Less _______ in ‘X’ days or months” Maybes something like, “You Need More _______ in Your Life” For example, “You Need More Pizzazz in Your Life”, “You Need More Confidence in Your Life” or “You Need More Money in Your Life.” What would you use to fill in the blank?

Other suggestions include, “You Could Change _______ by _______”, Then you could list a technique or a certain general category of techniques.

There are some more. “You Could Make More Money by _______”, “You Could Save Money by _______”, “You Could Speed Up the Process of _______ by _______”. As an example, “You Could Speed Up the Process of Writing by Using a Timer” or “You Could Improve Your Health by _______.” “How to _______ without _______” like “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death”.

What could you put in those blanks?

My wife and I like to watch reruns of a television series that we saw when we were children. It was called Maverick and it starred James Garner, as Brett Maverick. He would often say, “Well, my old pappy used to say, and then fill in the blank.” What did your parents advise you? What did some respected person in your life tell you?

There are some popular genres on Amazon. A study was done in 2017 and they looked at both print and e-books and found a list of popular topics. The most popular ones were biographies and memoirs, religion and spirituality, health, fitness and dieting, and business and money.

Now I’ll give you a little caution about memoirs; unless you are already famous your memoir may not sell very well. You might need to go ahead and write it. It may turn out to be something that would be very valuable to your family. In fact, many authors say that that is the one thing you should write. But, it likely won’t sell very well for someone who doesn’t know you.

Now, here’s the trick for using your life story and how to use it: write a nonfiction book, and then just use parts of your life story that apply to the topics within your nonfiction book.

In my book “How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less”, I gave several examples of problems that I had with writing. For example, there were problems I had with procrastination and problems I had with perfectionism. I told stories out of my own life to illustrate those topics and ideas.

Here are some more problems/questions: “How Can I Be a Better _______?” Then think about what interests you have, and you can write about your interests. You can write about the skills that you have that you can share. You can write about what quick and easy solution you can offer someone.

You could also specify a time for your desired result, as I previously mentioned. Kevin Leman wrote the book, “How to Have a New Husband by Friday.” I think he also wrote another one like “How to Have a New Child by Friday” and maybe was another one talking about a new wife. But he did that and specified a time frame in which to get those results.

I hope these ideas for nonfiction topics to write about have been helpful to you. To get more information on topics like these, go to and click the tab that says “writing.” There you will find many blog posts like these.

In addition, I have a new channel on Rumble. Just go to, search the name Randy Carney, and you’ll find many videos like the one here. So I hope you have a great day. Until next time for walking with Randy, I wish you the best.

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