Your # 1 Time-Wasting Mistake — Fast Writing Tips for Authors

Fast writing tips for authors are very important. However, not following some of them can have serious consequences.

Your # 1 Time-Wasting Mistake When It Comes to Fast Book Writing

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If you want to get your book written, then pay careful attention to this time waster. This time waster doesn’t seem like one because you avoid one to three days of hard work by avoiding an all-important task. Avoiding  fast writing tips like this one does have consequences.

The Moral Here Is: To Plan Your Entire Book Before You Start Writing 

The important thing to understand with this time waster is you need to finish the writing plan for your entire book. You will be tempted to try to start by just writing a chapter of two. However, you will soon bog down if that is how you go about it.

So, here’s what I mean: if you constantly stay in “urgent” mode you’ll be engaged in activity all the time and feel like you’re busy, but you will actually just be spinning your wheels.

If you want more details about these fast-writing tips, watch this video.

Don’t neglect this idea because most people will initially be resistant to the idea of planning their whole book. They will not want to do two days of hard work to make things easier for the next four weeks.

For best results here you should

1. List temporary titles for all of your chapters
2. Write down 12-15 questions for each chapter under the title
3. Come up with a list of “trigger” words that will remind you of the answer to each question (3 or more). Place them underneath each question.

Once you have your book planned out in this way, it will cry out to you to be written. Doing the hard work first will save you a ton of time. Maybe even a year or more. This plan will allow you to start anywhere in your book if you feel more like writing on the topic in a later chapter. The questions will also help you avoid writer’s block. Just answer them. You don’t even have to feel inspired.

Seriously, your biggest time waster will be to avoid doing this all-important task.

So, now, go write the plan for your book!

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6 Replies to “Your # 1 Time-Wasting Mistake — Fast Writing Tips for Authors”

  1. Hi Randy

    It is  a common mistake for writers to have no direction in their writing, to go into so many tangents and have so many plots that you end up in so many knots. It is so easy to do that your mind is racing but the plot does not make sense  I think the tips you have given in this regard are very useful in concentrating the authors mind. I personally think writing a book is no different then writing a detailed report, they both need a start, an introduction and a satisfactory  ending or conclusion.

    Thanks for this excellent article.


    1. Thanks, Antonio,

      I agree. You showed a plan for the report that you mentioned. For books with several chapters, the writing plan I propose is a cross between an outline and writing prompts.

      While I don’t know much about it, I find your website on container gardening very appealing.

      Thank you, again for your comment.


  2. Writing a book is not usually as easy as some people might think it is. It is very time consuming and sometimes one can really feel like one is wasting time. Mostly this is caused because there is no sense of direction. I find this post is going to help me too and I will make sure I try your tips as well. I am a beginner author so this article is really valuable to me. Thanks.

    1. Payton, I am glad this is helpful. Beginning authors can do very well using tips like these. When you combine free-flow writing with your plan, you can get you book done (the first draft) very quickly. This means you can soon be a published author. 

  3. It’s very possible that your time gets sucked up when writing sometimes, I’ve been in that situation before and I wasn’t able to meet up with the deadline which made me feel bad. Thanks to this article,I’m able to know what the time waster is and how to avoid it. It’s very important to plan properly before starting your book as it’ll help you organize your work better.

    1. I am so glad this was helpful. You will plan your project so you can just start writing, which means you can get your entire rough draft done. You can always edit later. I wish you well. 


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