The Benefits of Pulling This Off

The benefits of pulling this off, that is pulling off the idea of taking turns and focusing on each other’s needs and your marriage.

Welcome, everyone. Randy Carney here, talking about marriage again.

I have been talking about the third step toward achieving the goal of meeting each other’s needs better than we have in the past.


In the first step, you and your spouse made a list of your felt needs and ranked them in the order of importance to you. Then you traded lists.

In the second step, you learned how to use that information to be able to communicate better with each other.

Now in this third step, I am telling you about taking turns focusing on each other’s needs.

Of course, you can read each other’s lists as a daily thing.

In talking about why taking turns is helpful, I talk about doing this on a daily basis. and then the benefit of pulling this off.

You Both Will Be Happier

The first of the benefits is you will both be happier.

Benefits of doing the list include increased happiness.

The reason why you will be happier is that if your spouse does uncover a need that had not been met well in the past, there’s a renewed focus on that. Then you will be happier because your needs will be met.

You both will be happier because you know you are both doing something to contribute toward strengthening your marriage. You will have the effort of both husband and wife. As you are doing this, there will be no more drifting. There will be more purpose to your actions. Developing a plan for improvement in the area of your marriage is taking shape.

Beyond that, you will have these many little successes along the way, and that brings encouragement and motivation.

You Will Feel Your Marriage Becoming Stronger

Another one of the benefits is that you will feel your marriage becoming stronger.

Now I know that feeling is subjective, and there are things that are concrete that you can reach out and touch and see. But when you are both involved in certain projects, and you can see these projects taking shape, that’s the objective part.

But then you have the subjective feeling of knowing that you are making some change for the better within your marriage.

This will strengthen your marriage.
This will strengthen your marriage.

I talked about the physical area, and how exercise builds strength. You want to build your marital muscle, so you have the process of doing these projects or focusing on your spouse in the area of meeting his or her needs by doing these projects. Those are daily strengthening exercises.

You’ll feel your marriage becoming stronger just because you know that you are both working toward improving your marriage.

You also will be experiencing change for the better or change at least an attempt.

Love Dare

Love Dare
Love Dare

You may have seen a movie that talked about taking a “love dare.” It was 40 days of projects that one partner in the marriage was involved. As these 40 days went along, he found that he was stretching himself. His wife saw that he was changing. Of course, there’s a happy ending.

This Can Have Benefits In Your Business

Another benefit of pulling this off is that it can also help you in your business. If either of you works you know what stress there can be in the area of your business.

If there’s additional stress outside of the business, like stress in the home, that just makes work so much worse.

This project can have benefits outside of your marriage.
This project can have benefits outside of your marriage.

But if you have less stress at home that brings less stress in your life.

Many business owners have become aware of the need for work-life balance. You could say work-family balance or work-marriage balance. If you can improve the marital aspect of your life, then there is less stress. Also, it gives you a new layer of support. Some people can face almost anything if they have family support.

Sometimes people go through failed businesses but when they have family support, they make it through in life. That’s a blessing for them to be able to do that.

As you strengthen your marriage and family, the less stress you have and the more emotional support you will have.

Clay Clark is a well-known business coach, and he talks about your six goals each beginning with “F.” He talks about having daily goals in the areas of faith, family, friendships, fitness, finances, and fun. As you see, the aspect of the family is so important for those that are involved in any type of business.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur for this to work, either. If you’re an employee, you know what stresses there are too. But if you have the support of your husband or wife, it makes life so much better, and it makes it better for you when you go to work.

So these are some of the benefits of pulling this off.
You will both be happier.
You will feel your marriage becoming stronger.
This will have value outside of the marriage.

Iope this has been helpful to you. If you would like more tips like these just click here to be taken to several more posts about marriage, including this whole series up to now.

Two books on marriage
Two books on marriage

I also have two books on Amazon on the topic of marriage. The first is “21 Ways the Principle of Leaving Will Benefit Your Marriage” and the second is “From Mountains to Molehills.”

There are more books on the way, so watch for them.

Until next time, I am Randy Carney reminding you you can have a great marriage

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